Fiscal Review and Tax Planning with Human and Artificial Intelligence

ROIT's consultancy is now AiTAX!

Ícone que representa Gestão com Inteligência Artificial

Fiscal review

With the data from the last 5 years of your company, it is possible to identify opportunities to recover and reduce the tax burden quickly and automatically.

Ícone que representa a gestão fiscal

Tax recovery robot

Detailed survey of tax credits with real gains based on several theses. The process is fast, safe and minimizes risks for your company.

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Automated tax planning

From the accounting statements, AiTax quickly presents different scenarios and strategies for real tax reduction of companies.

ROIT Consultoria

Tax consulting with high-level strategies

Learn about AiTAX's differentials advantages

Human and Artificial Intelligence

ROIT group experience and high technology

AiTAX has combined the experience of highly qualified professionals with Artificial Intelligence and RPA, with over 1.8 million tax scenarios mapped out. For your company, this means counting on reliable and assertive strategies to truly take care of tax burdens.

Updated Tax Management

Appropriate solutions for the complex Brazilian tax system

Just as ROIT specializes in Lucro Real (Real Profit), the most complex tax regime, AiTAX specializes in high-level strategies to analyze and suggest best practices and tax regimes, even with the various changes in the Brazilian system.

Security in Operations

Administrative and judicial actions with minimized risks

The solutions use legal and safe mechanisms to analyze numerous theses, finding good possibilities for companies to save on taxes and correct tax errors that can lead to various losses.

Less tax burden means more growth for your company! Access the AiTAX website and find assertive solutions for your business.

You Can Trust It!

All the services that were already done as ROIT Consulting are now with AiTAX.

We unite our expertise as experts in LUCRO REAL (REAL PROFIT) with the technology we develop and improve every day to deliver to your company the best opportunities! Know and be surprised with what we can do!